digi-wears-goggles asked:

I follow you because your art is amazing and the way you work is an inspiration, plus SOMEBODY'S gotta look out for you. *wink* If I met you, I'd bake you more treats than even the Lorax would know what to do with and I'd take you to all the artisan shops in my town to see the delicious food and if it were summer I'd take you to the great lakes because they're basically the ocean but fresh water and it's awesome. Or maybe since fall is coming I'd take you to all the beautiful orchards!

Ooooooooh boy, easy, easy, I’m not the Lorax and can’t handle that much! XD And Great Lakes, I’m already fainting because a whole OCEAN of fresh water sure beats one narrow river I swam across, like, 100 times.

  …and the way you work is an inspiration

Honestly, this has tugged me out of the pit of down times like you have no idea. :) Yet another reason to stop forgetting I’m able to warm hearts and inspire…

kindarbonkyrindarbonky asked:

Hey! Hey! Hey! 8{D


Why hullo there! You are so passionate about the things that you love and so dedicated to your art and I wish I could be like that. You’re always trying something new and trying to better yourself artistically and personally and it’s a real inspiration. You are more awesome than you think you are.

Also I just saw a giant moth and I thought of you and I thought you should know.


…Did my eyes fail me or you just said you WISH YOU WERE LIKE ME at times? Come here loraxling- (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ C)